Long-serving Services Manager retires after 18 years

Our Services Manager Costas Ioannou has retired from Cades Ltd after almost two decades at the company.

Costas joined Cades in 2000 as a Contracts Engineer, which saw him both selling and designing dust and fume extraction systems.

In the last eight years, the 65-year-old has been leading the services team and successfully helped Cades increase the number of jobs in this department.

Sales Director Steve Rhodes has known Costas for nearly 30 years and it was this relationship that brought him to the company.

“It was not like starting a new job, but rather changing premises,” said Costas, who was born in Cyprus.

“Moving jobs can often be quite a big transition but because I had worked with Steve before, I knew what I was going to be doing. Cades has changed tremendously over the years I have been here but so has the industry itself.

“Technology has transformed the way we work. I still remember when we had to send a quote through the post, now we can send one via email in seconds and get a reply in minutes.”

Costas came to the UK at the age of eight and his early career plan saw him training to become a fitter.

However, during his apprenticeship at Spencer & Halstead Ltd, he impressed management so much that he was given the opportunity to work in the drawing office at the engineering firm.

From there, he worked for a number of companies across Yorkshire as both a design and mechanical engineer before being recruited to join Cades.

Costas said: “I have really enjoyed my time here and the work I have been doing. I will miss everyone at Cades and the banter in the office, probably why I decided to stay on an extra year before I retired.

“I am looking forward to my retirement. My children all live quite far away so I will be going to see them and spend time with my grandchildren. I have a few hobbies such as photography, which I would like to spend more time doing. I am also looking forward to going on a few holidays knowing I can now stay longer than two weeks.”

Steve added: “When Costas joined Cades, he brought years of engineering experience and knowledge to the company. Over the years, his experience has been invaluable to the business and has also helped all colleagues to advance their knowledge.

“His attention to detail is second to none and in all the years I have known him, he has never been prepared to cut corners in any work situation and has always put the customer first.

“He will be sadly missed and I will miss our early morning conversations putting the world to rights. I wish him a long and healthy retirement, spending time with family and in the sun.”

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