LEV Testing


Over time your extraction system may not perform as it should which would be detrimental to the working environment and the health of your workforce.  For this reason the HSE require that your extraction system is tested at least once every fourteen months to ensure everything is in working order.   Cades recommend that a service is carried out every twelve months on extraction systems that operate eight hours a day.  For systems that operate twenty-four hours a day a service every six months is recommended.

The HSE Inspectors could visit you at any time and you must be able to present to them, your up-to-date service reports and documents which confirm that you are compliant with COSHH.

Whether your extraction system has been installed by Cades or another company, our highly trained and experienced engineers can carry inspections, services and LEV testing.


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LEV testing can be carried out at the time of servicing or independently as required.

To remain compliant with current COSHH Regulations, dust extraction systems must be tested at least once every 14 months. 

We are able to provide full reports which you would need to show if you have a visit from the HSE. 

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