Moldow Energy Manager

Gain optimum control and maximise your power savings with the Filter Energy Management System from Moldow.  Dust extraction systems that operate without any control cause constant high costs and no system overview.  Moldow’s control and monitoring system controls the air flow ensuring correct extraction at all times using minimum power. It ensures large energy savings and minimal strain on the filter.

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  • Major energy savings up to 50% due to optimized operation.
  • The airflow is adjusted automatically and secures the correct extraction.
  • Increases the capacity on the existing filter installation.
  • Reducing costly upgrades.
  • Individual identification of the machines.
  • Increases your flexibility for the layout of the production.
  • Secure back up support from our technical department through network.
  • Can be installed into existing filter plants.
  • Controls both negative and positive filter systems
  • Reduces time considerably during commissioning of the filter plant.
  • The control system is designed to be adapted to customer requirements.
  • Value for money concept by using the modular matrix system.
  • Easily Extended.

The Moldow Energy Manager is manufactured both as a stand-alone unit and as an integrated control system for the dust extraction system with both positive and negative pressure systems.   It is manufactured in a modular construction which makes it adaptable to customer requirements.   Each duct line will run with its own pressure transmitter, allowing accurate reading and monitoring of the line.  The system will adjust the fan speed to cope with the variable pressure loss that the filter creates during operation this can alter due to the number of machines that maybe running and the age of the filter bags.  The fans are controlled by the pressure required at the machine to ensure the best running parameter.  The set point is constantly changing during production and will change the minimum required pressure at a machine to the maximum required.  When the extraction is being set up, each machine is set with a priority parameter (pressure required to give correct air volume).

The product feed control prevents unnecessary running of the extraction and wasted power consumption during operation (eg machine and extraction can be running without product flow).  The airflow and power consumption is monitored at all times.

Energy Manager - View of demad

Features of Demand Control

  • Extraction will start running when operator activates the machine.
  • Main extraction damper for machine will open.
  • Pressure transmitter placed at the current machine will adapt the airflow needed.
  • In case a number of machines connected to the same fan are running, the system will choose the optimal drive parameter.
  • Whenever a machine is turned off, the dedicated damper shuts off and the fan will adapt to the new requirements.  If no request for extraction is needed, the fan will shut off.
  • All airflows from the machines are summarised and processed in a calculation matrix, which divides the air to the corresponding application.
  • The hour counter on the dampers allows the production to read out the activity on the individual machine.
  • Once the machine has been set up, the specific parameters will be saved so if the machines are relocated all the data can be easily reused.
  • Set up of the individual machines, as well as backup and updating of the software through network is possible independently of location in the world.
  • Power consumption is recorded with possible trip counter and trend curves.
  • Touch Screen is used for setup and control of the filter plant.  A simple but detailed matrix for fan adjustment results in the best possible set up of the fan and inverter.
  • History of any alarm or failure is recorded in the PLC and access via the touch screen or computer allows you to investigate any incidents.
  • The system can be operated in either manual or automatic mode.