Fume Extraction

We are specialists in chip, dust, and fume management equipment and draw on the experience of more than 35 years professionally fitting and upgrading fume extraction systems. As industry experts, we will design, supply and install the right technical solution to suit your requirements.

Fume extraction system needs the right design and specification to do the best it can to do the job for which the system has been installed for. Investing in a Cades Fume extraction solution that is designed to maximise the fume extraction process for your business,everything we do is tailored to deliver the right solution for your business, first time, every time.

We are specialists in fume extraction and control and will tailor a design to maximise the extraction of dangerous fumes and odours, ensuring a safe and clean working environment.

Working with a wide range of clients across many different industries helping them solve their fume extraction needs.

Depending on the type of fumes, whether it be chemical vapours, welding fumes, rubber forming fumes etc, our expert design team will design and specify a solution that is future proof in terms of technical capability and performance.  In addition to this we can carry out service and repairs and our qualified engineers are available for maintenance and LEV Testing in accordance with current COSHH regulations.

Spray Booths

Spray Booths are specifically designed to remove airborne contaminants such as; sealants, varnishes, paint and powder.


Welding Fume

For welding a fume extraction system can be designed using extraction arms that can be attached to the machinery.  This will provide a powerful suction to remove the fumes from the atmosphere.

Also specialists in Dust Extraction Systems