JHS Filter with Rotary Valves

The JHS-filter with rotary valves is especially designed for low or medium air volumes with heavy dustJHS Filter loadings.  Apex approved and built according to EU regulations, the filter can be used either for continuous operation without breaks – or for operation with breaks for cleaning of the filter bags.

The filter is suitable for air capacities from 2.500 – 30.000 m³/h.

The filter construction makes it is possible to recycle 100% of the filtrated warm air.

The filter is enclosed and built up in hot galvanized panels for outdoor installation. The captured extraction material is then pressure less discharged through the rotary valve(s) and directed into a container, a silo or another material transportation system.

The filter bags are of antistatic performance and thanks to the filter construction they are easy to replace.

The filter is available with a regeneration fan for automatic cleaning of the filter bags and built in a modular system with each section provided with an inspection door / explosion door.