Fan Sets

Cades can supply a variety of industrial fansets and motors, either in conjunction with a new system or to replace an existing piece of equipment.

Manufactured by Moldow A/S in Denmark in their modern manufacturing facility, the fans are highly efficient and durable.

Please see below very basic information regarding 3 of the many fan types on offer.

Industrial Fan Type DAT

Fan type DAT is a solid medium-pressure fan.  The impellor is self-cleaning and has blades pointing backwards which gives high efficiency.

DAT fans are suitable for processing air in connection with wood dust, grain dust, cement dust and other applications.  They are available in 12 sizes in a direct drive design (D), 17 sizes in a belt driven design (R) and direct drive via coupling design (K) with impellor diameters from 250 to 2,000mm.

In standard design, DAT fans can be used in temperatures up to 100 degrees centigrade, equipped with a cooling disk up to 300 degrees and in a special design, above 300 degrees.

The fan housing is made of a welded steel plate, stainless steel plate or an acid-proof plate with strong reinforcement profiles.  The smaller types have a steel plate pedestal and the larger types have a hollow section steel frame pedestal.

DAT fans can be manufactured in other materials according to customer’s requirements.

Industrial Fan Type DST

DST type fans are solid medium-pressure and high-pressure fans.  Again, the impellor is self-cleaning, as specified above.

DST fans are particularly suitable for processing air in connection with wood chips, wood splinters, grain, granules, powder and other applications.

Available in a wide variety of sizes either direct-driven or belt driven with impellor diameters from 400 mm to 2,000mm.  Other details as above.

There are many other fan types available including those suitable for fume extraction and clean air systems.  Please call us for further information.